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Kind words from Elizabeth Mayfield for Mentioned Reviews

Today, Stoke-on-Trent based rockers Red Spektor released their debut self-titled EP, after spending their time since formation in 2012 honing the sound of their live show. It’s this live show that bagged them stage time with the likes of Carousel Vertigo, Attica Rage, Texas Flood, and Lawless, and a sound they’ve trapped into a five track offering; think a mix of psychedelic, classic and stoner rock, citing influences with the likes of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

You wouldn’t believe this is a debut EP; from the execution of the whole offering to the punchy attitude it accompanies, even a first listen can tell that the years they’ve spent refining the songs on stage have made them into a mean, lean, classic rock machine. The opening seconds of Earth Mother set them up for a massive achievement with riffs galore, and though you’d expect that they’d be setting themselves up for downfall after such a powerful commencement, you’d be wrong to think so.

In a helter skelter of psychedelic fizzle the EP storms on, accompanied with vocals that deserve nothing more than to be shouted across a stadium with an audience to reply with cheers. Rock ‘n’ roll how it was intended to sound, the EP is filled with guitar solos and unapologetic confidence, the sort of style that isn’t easily done well by new bands. If you fancy a trip back to the good ol’ days of rock ‘n’ roll, Red Spektor deliver an EP you’ll be foolish to miss.