Vents interview

Read our latest interview with Vents magazine.

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

RS-We’ve been great thanks! We’re enjoying our roller coaster ride of rock n’roll. Our feet haven’t touched the ground since we started the journey as Red Spektor.

Can you talk to us more about the story behind your latest track ¨Hard to Please¨?

RS-¨Hard to Please¨ was our first real song which came about when the band was really starting to gel and find its groove. It’s now become the staple opening song we play at all our gigs.

The single comes off your upcoming self-titled EP– how was the recording and writing process? 

RS-The recording process revolved around the idea of capturing our energy as a power trio. ¨Hard To Please¨ along with the other four tracks on the EP were recorded live – straight to tape with no overdubs. Only the vocals were added again afterwards. Even then, what you hear is a live first take. Playing vintage instruments through loud amplifiers also helps!

As for the writing process – it’s quite simple really. We get together in our rehearsal room and we do our thing. We’ll play something, a lick, a groove, a melody or a beat and then jam it out until it develops into a song. Songs are ever changing too – especially when you gig them hard – which helps to add other interesting nuances.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

RS-Inspiration comes from anywhere really. It’s either social commentary or real life personal experiences. What’s interesting, is that the subject matter for ¨Hard To Please¨ doesn’t correspond with the current video for Trek Racing’s mountain bike team – of which it’s been used for the soundtrack. Yet it still works on another level through someone elses take on the song – and to us – that’s really cool.

What role does Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin plays in your music?

RS-Down-to-earth energy and soul. Simple as that. Along with naked aggression and light & shade. We’re inspired by that generation of music where it’s just a guitar, an amp and heavy groove based drums, no effects pedals – just pure loud amplified tone. In our humble opinion, that’s when rock music was at its peak dishing out music with swing, something that gets lost in a lot of music these days. What those bands gave to the world of music is mind blowing.

Will you be hitting the road this year? 

RS-We are always gigging, looking for the best rock venues to play. We’re working hard and busting a gut to get into Europe and break the festival scene. We have requests from fans all over the world asking when we are going to make it to a gig near them. As with most young bands – it’s just a question of time and money.

What else is happening next in Red Spektor´s world? 

RS-We’re about to hit the studio again to start work on our debut LP. And we’re adamant that one of the released formats will be vinyl this time round. We’re also actively pulling like minded bands together to create some kind of ¨Stoner/New Wave Classic Rock¨ scene – if you can call it that? We feel there isn’t much of it around at the moment and judging by the response we get from our gigs, punters want to hear more of it!